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鬼滅の刃とは(What is Devil’s Blade?)

Set in the Taisho era (1912-1926), this manga depicts the main character fighting to find a way to return his younger sister, who turned into a demon, to humans.






竈門 炭治郎(かまど たんじろう)ーTanjiro Kamado

家族思いな心優しい少年。鬼となった妹を人間に戻すことと、家族の仇討ちをするためにおに狩りの組織の鬼殺隊に入る。(A kind-hearted boy who cares about his family. He joins the Oni-hunting organization Demon Slayer Corps in order to return his sister, who became a demon, to a human and to avenge his family.)

  • 嗅覚に優れていて、鬼や相手の急所などを匂いで嗅ぎ分けることができる。(It has an excellent sense of smell, and can sniff out demons and opponents’ vital points by smell.)
  • 額左側の痕と、日輪が描かれた花札風の耳飾りが特徴的。(It is characterized by the mark on the left side of the forehead and the flower card-style earring with the sun on it.)
  • 物語開始時13歳→15歳。(13 years old at the beginning of the story → 15 years old.)
  • 誕生日7月14日、身長165cm。(Birthday July 14th, height 165cm.)

竈門 禰豆子 (かまど ねずこ)ーNezuko Kamado

炭治郎の妹。炭治郎不在時に鬼に襲われ、傷口から混入したことで鬼化して生き残る。人間だったころは家族思いの心優しい性格。(Tanjiro’s younger sister. When she was absent from Tanjiro, she was attacked by a demon, and she survived by becoming a demon due to being mixed from her wound. When she was a human, she had a kind-hearted personality that cared about her family.)

  • 身長をある程度拡縮できる。8You can expand and contract your height to some extent.)
  • 普段は日差しを避け、体を少し小さくして背負い箱に入った状態で炭治郎に運ばれている。(He usually avoids the sun and is carried to Tanjiro in a slightly smaller body and in a backpack.)
  • 敵から炭治郎や他の人間を守るようにうごく。(Moves to protect Tanjiro and other humans from enemies.)
  • 誕生日は12月28日。(His birthday is December 28th.)

我妻 善逸(あがつま ぜんいつ)ーZenitsu Agatsuma

炭治郎と同期の鬼殺隊士。自分に自信がもてず、非常に臆病で、消極的・後ろ向き思考の利己的な面が強い少年。(A demon slaughterer in sync with Tanjiro. He lacks self-confidence, is extremely timid, and has a strong selfish side of negative thinking and backward thinking.)

  • 耳が良くて、人や鬼などの「音」を聞き分けられる。(He has good ears and can distinguish between the “sounds” of humans and demons.)
  • 極度の恐怖に陥ると眠りに落ち、別人のように頭のキレる性格と変身する。(When he falls into extreme fear, he falls asleep and transforms into a different person with a sharp personality.)
  • 雷の呼吸(かみなりのこきゅう)で鬼を倒す。Defeat the demon with thunder breathing (Kaminari no Kokyu).
  • 年齢は16才、誕生日は9月3日。(He is 16 years old and his birthday is September 3rd.)

嘴平 伊之助(はしびら いのすけ)ーInosuke Hashibirai

炭治郎と同期の鬼殺隊士。常に猪の頭を被る風貌で、猪に育てられた捨て子、好戦的な性格をしている。A demon slaughterer in sync with Tanjiro. He always wears a boar’s head, is an abandoned child raised by boars, and has a warlike personality.

  • 触感が鋭い、視界に入っていないものでも居場所をとらえることができる。(It has a sharp sense of touch, and can locate even things that are out of sight.)
  • 鍔の無い刃こぼれした2本の刀で、「千切り裂くような切れ味」と使う。(Two swords with no tsuba blades, and are said to be ‘sharp enough to cut into pieces’.)
  • 我流の呼吸法である「獣の呼吸(ケダモノのこきゅう)」で鬼を倒す差や。The difference between defeating demons with my own breathing method, “Beast Breathing (Kedamono no Kokyu)”.
  • 年齢は15才、誕生日は4月22日 (15 years old, birthday April 22nd)

冨岡 義勇(とみおか ぎゆう)ーYoshiyuki Tomioka

鬼殺隊の主軸となる「桂」の一人で、炭治郎を鬼殺隊に導いた人物。One of the “Katsura” who is the main axis of the demon squad, and the person who led Tanjiro to the demon squad.

  • 寡黙(かもく)な剣士。(A taciturn swordsman.)
  • 左右で違う柄を継いだような羽織を着用する。(Wear a haori with different patterns on the left and right.)
  • 物語開始時19才→21才、誕生日は2月8日。(19 years old at the beginning of the story → 21 years old, birthday is February 8th.)

錬獄 杏寿郎(れんごく きょうじゅろう)ーRengoku Kyoujuro

鬼殺隊の主軸となる「炎桂」の一人で、柱の名家の錬獄家の出身。One of the “Enkatsura” who is the main axis of the Demon Slayer Corps, and is from the Rengoku family of the famous pillar family.

  • 戦闘力が凄まじく、リーダーシップと判断力も優れている。(He has tremendous fighting power and excellent leadership and judgment.)
  • 炎の呼吸(ほのうのこきゅう)を使う。Use Flame Breathing (Flame Breathing).
  • 無限列車編で柱では最初の戦死者となる。(In the Mugen Train edition, he becomes the first casualty in the pillar.)
  • 年齢は20才、誕生日は5月10日。(He is 20 years old and his birthday is May 10th.)

胡蝶 しのぶ(こちょう しのぶ)ーKocho Shinobu

女性剣士の中では小柄で、瞬発力や移動速度に優れる。薬学に精通し藤の花から「鬼を殺せる毒」を作り出した。Among the female swordsmen, she is small and has excellent instantaneous power and movement speed. She is well versed in medicine, and she created “a poison that can kill demons” from wisteria flowers.

  • 刀を振る筋力が弱いため柱の中で唯一鬼の頚を斬ることができない。(He is the only one among the pillars who cannot slash the demon’s neck because he has weak muscles to swing his sword.)
  • 蝶の羽根を模した髪飾りや羽織を着用する。(They wear hair ornaments and haori that imitate the wings of butterflies.)
  • 身長151cm、体重37kg。(Height 151cm, Weight 37kg)
  • 年齢18才、誕生日は2月24日。(I am 18 years old and my birthday is February 24th.)

産屋敷 耀哉 (うぶやしき かがや)ーUbuyashiki Kagaya

鬼殺隊第97代当主。23歳、隊士達からは「お館様」と呼ばれ、鬼殺隊の剣士たちを「私の子供達」と呼ぶ。病弱ながら知に優れ、築いた財で鬼殺隊を支えている。鬼の無惨(むざん)に「永遠に不滅なもの」が何なのかを語り、「ありがとう 無惨」という言葉とともに妻や娘2人と自爆する。

The 97th head of the Demon Slayer Corps. He is 23 years old, and is called “Oyakata-sama” by the members, and calls the swordsmen of the Demon Slayer Corps “my children”. He is sickly but intelligent, and supports the Demon Slayer Corps with the wealth he has built. He tells Muzan the demon what “eternally immortal things” are, and with the words “Thank you Muzan,” he blows himself up with his wife and two daughters.

鬼舞辻 無惨(きぶつじ むざん)ーKibutsuji Muzan(The ancestor of the demon)

炭治郎仇敵(きゅうてき)で、千年以上前に一番初めてに鬼となった者。普段は人間のフリをして世間に紛れている。The arch-enemy of Tanjiro, who became the first demon over a thousand years ago. He usually pretends to be human and gets lost in the world.

  • 鬼の頭領で元祖。(The leader of demons and the ancestor.)
  • 鬼のなかで唯一人間を鬼に変えることができる。(Among the demons, he is the only one who can turn humans into demons.)
  • 日光を克服して完全な不死となること。(To overcome sunlight and become completely immortal.)



It is unknown when and where it appeared from where it feeds on humans. Some demons have high physical abilities, heal wounds quickly, change their body shape, and have supernatural powers. Its fatal weakness is that it crumbles into dust when its neck is cut off by sunlight or by a special sword (Nichirinto).

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